DP Series Smart Pressure Transmitter



Linear Output : ± 0.075% ~ ±0.1% (span ratio 1:1) including comprehensive inaccuracy of linear, changing difference and repeatability.


Evolution Output : ± (0.2% of calibrating measuring range + 0.05% of upper limit) at time of 4~100% output pressure.


Stability : For DP span code 3, 4, 5, it is ±0.2% of the highest span; for other code, it is ±0.25% of the highest span.


Main features

Output Signal : 4 ~ 20 mA DC


Transmission Form : Two-wire system.


Humidity : 0 ~ 100% relative humidity.


Starting TIme : At most 2 seconds for minimum damping.


Volume Change : Less than 0.16 cm³.

Damping : Electrical damping is 0 ~ 32 seconds, continually adjustable at an interval of 0.1 second. Sensitive components have 0.2 seconds constant damping time. (Span 3 is 0.4 seconds).


Zero Point Inaccuracy : ±0.25% of highest span for 14Mpa; ±0.5% of highest span for Span3, correct through adjustable zero-point.

Span Inaccuracy : Each 6Mpa can be connected to ±0.25% of input reading. This accuracy can be eradicated before mounting.


Zero Point (Effect of Temperature) : ±3% of span for each 100°F (56°C).

Total effect includes span and zero point inaccuracy:±3.5% of span for each 100°F(56°C);
For Span 3, the effect doubles.

Shock Effect : At time of 0 ~ 200 Hz of shock frequency on any direction, the error is 0.05%/g of the highest one.

Power Effect : Less than output range by ±0.005%/V.
Installation Position Effect : Zero drifts no more than 0.24kPa. The error could be resolved by zero reset and has no effect on measuring range.


Separation Spacer : 316L Stainless Steel, HC-276, Monel or Ta.

Exhaust Valve : 316 Stainless Steel, H or Monel.

Filling Liquid : Silica Oil

Bolt : Cadmium plated carbon steel.

Electronic Circuit : Low Cu Al.
Pressure Connection Part : ¼ - 18 NPT for joint thread in pressure room,
½ - 14 NPT for joint thread in pressure guiding joint.
Electrical Connecting Component : With on-the-spot online testing terminal.

Weight : 2.4 Kg

Power Voltage : Intrinsically safe explosion-proof product with 12V ~ 45 V DC and should be powered by corresponding safety grid (24V DC for standard power, no loading and can work under 12V DC, with digital indication gauge not less than 16V DC).
Operating Temperature : -20°C ~ 85°C.
Atmospheric Pressure : 86 ~ 106 KPa