VLT® Low Harmonic Drives

The perfect solution for


•Meeting the toughest harmonics recommendations and standards


•Generator-powered installations


•Installations with generator backup


•Soft power grids


•Installation of drives in grids with limited excess power capacity Benefits


•Low operating costs - saves energy - improved power factor - reduced load on supply network - lower transformer, switch- gear and cable losses - less control room cooling - less fan power consumption


•Maximum uptime - maintenance free - problem-free operation in harsh environments


•Save initial and operating costs - meeting toughest harmonics recommendations/ standards - optimized transformer/ generator grid capacity - more drives on same transformer - energy optimization


•Low investment - low initial investment with maximum flexibility and possibility of future upgrades - reduced cost for wiring and external I/O controller - integrated EMC RFI-filters


•Save commissioning and operation cost - userfriendly and easy to commission and operate - full overview and timely tracking of grid conditions




Power range :
132-630 kW (High Overload)
160-710 kW (Normal Overload)

Voltage range:
380-480 Vac 50-60 Hz

IP21 / NEMA1, IP54 hybrid

Harmonic mitigation performance  : <5% THD - Meets individual harm.
levels of IEEE 519 for ISC/IL>20

True Power Factor :

Displacement Factor :

PC Software & User Interface:

Commissioning tool function
Configuration and installation
settings function
User settings and information
Control panel function
Data logger and event log function
Network monitoring and
measurement function
Filter load and status function
Software update function

LCP Regulation:

UL-fi e. CE marking, cULus
(UL508C) and c-tick (AS/NZS 2064)
IEEE519 / EN61000-3-xx harmonic 
mitigation guidelines

IEEE587/ANSI C62.41/ EN61000-4-5
surge immunity
EN55011 electromagnetic
EN50178, EN60146 safety/design

Ambient temperature :



10° C to +45° C, up to 3280 feet above sea level, with relative
humidity of 5% – 85% RH, class 3K3 (functions to be maintained
up to 95% RH not condensing)

Power Fuses :

RFI filtering :

Class A2 RFI; Class A1 RFI optional

Cooling :

Air cooled with primary cooling through back channel

RoHS compliant:

VLT® Low Harmonic Drives are
manufactured with respect for the
environment and comply with the
RoHS directive.