VLT® Compact Starter MCD 200

Features and Benefits


Power range

7.5 – 110 kW


MCD 201 is the basic version offering timed voltage ramps

MCD 202 is the advanced version providing current limit soft start, timed voltage ramp down, and motor protection.


Main features

Current ratings for normal and heavy starting
Versions for 200- 575 V AC
Voltage ramps or current limit ramp soft start
Built-in motor protectionCompact design with internal bypass system for minimum power lossAdd on modules for remote operation and serial communicationSoftware for sizing, control and monitoring.





The MCD 200 features a variety of accessories.

Add-on modules provide essential serial communication (Profibus, DeviceNet, ModBus)

A Remote Operator module allows for remote control and motor performance monitoring, which makes MCD 200 ideal for panel installation.